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The nominations are open for all companies from Automobile and etc.

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Best Automobile Awards for Business & Service

Recognizing the innovators for Making the World So Much More Convenient

It's time for the automobile industry to proliferate and demonstrate the immense benefaction it has been providing to the world. Golden Tree Events managing and organizing Dubai,presents Automobile Industry Awards, a Golden Key to expand one's network and promote one's product in front of great, Pioneering industry professionals.
Our award is an excellent opportunity for businesses that work tirelessly to serve their customers and make life easier for everyone. The best way for the automotive industry to show off the extensive services they have been providing to their customers over time is through our awards. In addition to highlighting your business' excellent products and services, the event boosts its credibility.

Every business, from startups to Fortune 500, is eligible to participate in the Golden Tree Awards because we believe that every business deserves to be recognized.
The automobile awards are a chance to show off your exceptional talent to a group of experts and innovative minds in your field. This not only gets you out of the pool, but it also makes it easier to promote your products and services, which opens up a lot of new business opportunities.

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Automobile Award Sectors


Automobile Awards

Automobile Award Categories

  • Best Car Dealer - Customer Service
  • Best Car Dealer - Value for Money
  • Best Car Dealer - After Sales
  • Best Car Dealer - Used Cars
  • Best Car Retailer - Accessories
  • Best Online Car Retailer
  • Best Car Retailer Website
  • Best Car Rental Company
  • Best Luxury Car Retailer
  • Best Luxury Car Retailer Website
  • Best Luxury Car Dealer - Customer Service
  • Best Luxury Car Dealer - Value for Money
  • Best Luxury Car Dealer - After Sales
  • Best Luxury Car Dealer - Used Cars
  • Best Luxury Car Retailer - Accessories
  • Best Luxury Car Rental Company
  • Best General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Emerging General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Young General Manager - Automobile
  • Most Promising General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Employee friendly General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Customer friendly General Manager - Automobile
  • Highly Successful General Manager - Automobile
  • Most Valuable General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Innovative General Manager - Automobile
  • Highly Experienced General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Hospitality Leader - Automobile
  • Best CEO - Automobile
  • Best Emerging CEO - Automobile
  • Best Young CEO - Automobile
  • Most Promising CEO - Automobile
  • Best Employee friendly CEO - Automobile
  • Best Customer friendly CEO - Automobile
  • Highly Successful CEO - Automobile
  • Most Valuable CEO - Automobile
  • Best Innovative CEO - Automobile
  • Best Emerging Woman Leader - Automobile
  • Best Woman Leader - Automobile
  • Best Innovative Woman Leader - Automobile
  • Best Young Woman Achiever - Automobile
  • Best Young Woman CEO - Automobile
  • Best Woman CEO - Automobile
  • Best Woman Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Young Woman Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Most Inspiring Woman - Automobile
  • Best PR & Marketing Professional - Automobile
  • Best HR Professional - Automobile
  • Best Innovative Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Technology Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Young Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Serial Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Highly Experienced CEO - Automobile
  • Best General Manager - Automobile
  • Best Managing Director - Automobile
  • Best Business Development Manager - Automobile
  • Best Young GM - Automobile
  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur - Automobile
  • Best Marketing Professional - Automobile
  • Best Marketing Director - Automobile
  • Best Chief Marketing Officer - Automobile
  • Best PR Director - Automobile
  • Best Innovative Marketing Professional - Automobile
  • Highly Successful Marketing Professional - Automobile
  • Best Emerging Marketing Professional - Automobile
  • Best Innovative Marketing Team - Automobile
  • Best Marketing Campaign - Automobile
  • Best Marketing Team - Automobile
  • Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Automobile
  • Best Digital Marketing Team - Automobile
  • Best Sales & Marketing Team - Automobile