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The nominations are open for all companies from Fragrance / Perfumes and etc.

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We are in the modern era where everyone is obsessed with a Luxury lifestyle. This includes everything from premium home decors & interiors to ultra-modern fashion & luxury living. Everyday, new trends emerge surpassing the existing, where every possible improvisation is introduced. 

The luxury Industries strive to achieve their best in class products and services. With continuous and tremendous efforts of the individuals behind these industries, they acquire the attention of buyers. We, at Golden tree events Managing & Organizing. dredge up these Individuals & Organizations making sure they are recognized & rewarded for their contribution to the Luxury world. That’s what the World lifestyle awards is instigated for.

World Lifestyle Awards turns out to be a podium of fame & prosperity for the contenders. Where endless aspirations are attained and limitless opportunities are unraveled. This will be a gathering of the globe for promising days ahead.   

The Most Prestigious Business Award Program in the World

Best of Best Awards program recognises and rewards the excellent performing business around the world in 20+ industries across 150+ countries. If you believe that you are the best in your industry then it's time to showcase your company /team /product to the world.

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7 Countries, 1,000+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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30 Countries, 2,000+ Nominations, 150+ Winners
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25 Countries, 2,000+ Nominations, 200+ Winners
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3 Countries, 500+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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10+ Countries, 1,000+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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Previous Year Gala Ceremony Photos

here are few of the gala ceremony photos organised by Golden Tree Awards team

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Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 3 levels such as City, Country, Regional level based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Fragrance / Perfumes Award Sectors

Fragrance / Perfumes

Fragrance / Perfumes Awards

Fragrance / Perfumes Award Categories

  • Best Luxury Fragrance
  • Best unisex Fragrance
  • Best Women's Luxury Fragrance
  • Best Men's Luxury Fragrance
  • Best Popular Fragrance
  • Best Luxury Perfume
  • Best Luxury Perfume - Men
  • Best Women Perfume
  • Best Luxury Perfume - Women
  • Best Perfume - Men
  • Best Unisex Perfume
  • Best Oud Perfume
  • Best New Perfume
  • Best Organic Perfume
  • Best Perfume Product Company
  • Best Perfume Marketing Company
  • Best Perfume Dealer
  • Highly Experienced CEO - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best General Manager - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Managing Director - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Business Development Manager - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Young GM - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Home Fragrance
  • Best Luxury Home Fragrance
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneur - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Marketing Professional - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Marketing Director - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Chief Marketing Officer - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best PR Director - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Innovative Marketing Professional - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Highly Successful Marketing Professional - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Emerging Marketing Professional - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Innovative Marketing Team - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Marketing Campaign - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Marketing Team - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Digital Marketing Team - Fragrance-Perfumes
  • Best Sales & Marketing Team - Fragrance-Perfumes
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