Retail / Stores Awards


Retailers are the sole operators for serving the needs of consumers. The world would feel a vacuum if the retailers would stop running their business houses. Providing the required product from one end of the economy to another and fulfilling the utility of the consumers is not an easy task to be done. These individuals and companies are continuously working in order to provide products to consumers in their comfort zone. 

All these efforts do deserve a chance to be recognized on a global level. Making the same factor a catalyst we at The Golden Tree are here with our retail industry awards. These awards are brought ahead for all the people working in this particular sector bein individuals or a company. The retailer award is a golden opportunity for all the retailers to come out of the loop and showcase their immense talent to all the great leaders of their respective industry. 

Awards for the retailer for all those individuals or business houses who come under the category of startups to Fortune 500 companies and are willing to showcase their immense services to the world. The award event is the best chance to stand out and create a marketing platform to increase the client base for everyone participating.

Award Categories for Retail / Stores

  • Best Apparel Retailer
  • Best Jewellery Retailer
  • Best Pharmacy
  • Best Specialty Retailer
  • Best Electronic Retailer
  • Best National Retailer
  • Best Food & Grocery Retailer
  • Best Luggage Retailer
  • Best Shopping Mall
  • Best Debutant retailer
  • Best Kids Retailer
  • Best Time Wear Retailer
  • Best Optical Retailer
  • Best Ethnic Fashion Retailer
  • Best Home & Lifestyle
  • Best Automotive Retailer
  • Best Footwear Retailer
  • Best Financial Services
  • Best Luxury Retail - Fashion
  • Best Mobile Retailer
  • Best Telecommunication Retailer
  • Best Beauty & Wellness
  • Best Regional Retailer
  • Best shopping mall
  • Best Customer Service Excellence
  • Best Book retailer
  • Best Fashion Accessories
  • Best Value Retailer
  • Best Variety Retailer
  • Best Luxury Fashion Boutique- Women
  • Best Luxury Fashion Retail - Kids
  • Best Luxury Fashion Retail - Men
  • Best Eco Fabric Fashion Store
  • Best Womenswear
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Discounted Store
  • Best New Products Launch
  • Best Brand Transformation
  • Best Digital initiative
  • Best Retail App
  • Best Online Retail
  • Best Marketing Initiative