Traders (All materials) Awards

The nominations are open for all companies from Construction, House Hold, Entertainment, Machinery, Automobile, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Textile / Fashion / Garments, LifeStyle Products (Jewellery/Watch/Perfumes) and etc.

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Traders (All materials)

Since the beginning of the human race, trading has been subsited. Men traveled 1000 of miles to reach out to the trade market to upscale their products and show their artistry. Most ancient routes around the globe were known to be the paths paved for trading. Eventually the trading industry grew rapidly and has reached new heights. In a stage now as becoming a medium to procure anything from distant parts of the world. 

As an honor, Golden tree events, Organizing and managing dubai is obliged to organize Awards for the trading industry. With many levels, the trading industry awards will indulge on a journey to track the achievers and rightfully award them the medal of merit following a Gala ceremony. With the Traders awards, achievements of the trading industry will considerably be recognized.

With the nomination of the awards will come endless opportunities to showcase the products & services to the trading industries worldwide. All material traders can register for the awards whether it be a startup or be it a colossal company.

The Most Prestigious Business Award Program in the World

Best of Best Awards program recognises and rewards the excellent performing business around the world in 20+ industries across 150+ countries. If you believe that you are the best in your industry then it's time to showcase your company /team /product to the world.

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7 Countries, 1,000+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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30 Countries, 2,000+ Nominations, 150+ Winners
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25 Countries, 2,000+ Nominations, 200+ Winners
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3 Countries, 500+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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10+ Countries, 1,000+ Nominations, 100+ Winners
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Previous Year Gala Ceremony Photos

here are few of the gala ceremony photos organised by Golden Tree Awards team

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Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 3 levels such as City, Country, Regional level based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Traders (All materials) Award Sectors


Construction Awards

House Hold

House Hold Awards


Entertainment Awards


Machinery Awards


Automobile Awards

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Awards

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Awards


Electronics Awards

Textile / Fashion / Garments

Textile / Fashion / Garments Awards

LifeStyle Products (Jewellery/Watch/Perfumes)

LifeStyle Products (Jewellery/Watch/Perfumes) Awards

Traders (All materials) Award Categories

  • Best Building Contractor
  • Best Steel Constructions Contractor
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Building Contractor
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Concrete House Contractor
  • Best 3D Printing Building Construction Contractor
  • Best Exterior Building Cladding Contractor
  • Best Carpentry & Steel works Contractor
  • Best Construction Material Trader
  • Best Iron & Steel Trader
  • Best Timber Trader
  • Best Bathroom & Sanitary Ware Trader
  • Best Marble & Natural Stones Trader
  • Best Wooden Products Trader
  • Best Tanks & Silos Trader
  • Best Electrical Fittings Trader
  • Best Tiles & Flooring Materials Trader
  • Best False Ceilings Trader
  • Best Cement Products Trader
  • Best Gypsum Products Trader
  • Workshop Hardware & Tools Trader
  • Pipes & Fittings Trader
  • Best Glass & Mirrors Trader
  • Building Metal Products Trader
  • Best Fibre Glass Products Trader
  • Best Decoration Materials & Partitions Trader
  • Best Ready mix Concrete Trader
  • Best Fencing & Barbed Wire Trader
  • Best Doors, Windows & other Plastic Building Products Trader
  • Best Paints & Varnishes Trader
  • Best Metal Products Trader
  • Best Cargo Containers Trader
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Houses Trader
  • Best Swimming Pools Trader
  • Best Insulation & Protection Materials Trader
  • Best Domestic Safety Products Trader
  • Best Steel and Basic Steel products trader
  • Best Metal Works Trader
  • Best Lighting Equipment Trader
  • Best Green Buildings Construction materials Trader
  • Best Home Accessories Traders
  • Best Home Furniture Trader
  • Best Chandeliers Trader
  • Best Light Fittings & Fixtures Trader
  • Best Cutlery & Silverware Trader
  • Best Household Utensils Trader
  • Best Air-Condition Trader
  • Best Ceramic & Chinaware Trader
  • Best Antennas Trader
  • Best Musical Instruments & Requisites Trader
  • Best Cookers & Cookstoves Trader
  • Household Electrical Appliances Trader
  • Best Household Appliances Trader
  • Best Domestic Kitchen & Fixture Trader
  • Best Bamboo, Cane & Wicker Products Trader
  • Best Wax Candles Trader
  • Best Recorded AV Trader
  • Best Adventure Sports Equipment Trader
  • Best Sport Equipment Trader
  • Best Camping Requisites Trader
  • Best Sports Fields & Halls Equipment Trader
  • Best Bicycles & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Fishing Tackles Trader
  • Best Horse Equestrian Equipment & Requisites Trader
  • Best Kids Toys, Rides & Games Trader
  • Best Video Games Consoles Trader
  • Best Workshop Equipment, Machinery & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Industrial Plant Equipment & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Bricks Making Equipment Trader
  • Best Painting Equipment Trader
  • Best Bakeries & Flour Mills Equipment Trader
  • Best Spinning & Weaving Equipment & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Sewing Machines & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Measuring & Control Systems Trader
  • Best Engines & Machinery Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Blast Furnaces & Smelters Trader
  • Best Water Desalination Equipment Trader
  • Smelters & Furnaces Refractory Materials Trading
  • Best Heavy Equipment & Machinery Spare Parts Trader
  • Best New Motor Vehicles Trader
  • Best Heavy Vehicle Trader
  • Best Luxury Vehicles Trader
  • Best Electric Cars Trader
  • Best Specialized Vehicles (safety)Trader
  • Best Trailers Trader
  • Best Racing Cars Trader
  • Best Used Luxury Automobiles Trader
  • Best Used Automobile Trader
  • Best Used Trucks Trader
  • Best Classic Cars Trader
  • Best Auto Spare Parts & Components Trader
  • Best Used Auto Spare Parts & Requisites Trader
  • Best Tyres & AccessoriesTrader
  • Best Motor Vehicles Batteries Trader
  • Best Motorcycles Trader
  • Best Motorcycles Spare Parts & Accessories Trader
  • Best Off Road Karts & Spare Parts Trader
  • Best Jet Ski Trader
  • Best Scooters Trader
  • Best Heavy Aircrafts & Helicopters Trader
  • Best Aircraft Spare Parts & Components Trader
  • Best Trains Spare Parts & Components Trader
  • Best Airport Equipment Trader
  • Best Drone Trader
  • Best Agricultural Tractors & Machinery Trader
  • Best Light Aircrafts Trader
  • Best Vegetables & Fruits Trader
  • Best Dairy Products Trader
  • Best Egg Trader
  • Best Fresh & Chilled & Frozen Meat Trader
  • Best Fresh Fish & Marine Animals Trader
  • Best Frozen Fish & Seafood Trader
  • Best Salted, Preserved Fish & Seafood Trader
  • Best Frozen Poultry Trader
  • Best Coffee Trader
  • Best Bread & Bakery Products Trader
  • Best Confectionary & Chocolate Trader
  • Best Pastry Trader
  • Best Food Supplements Trader
  • Best Baby Food Trader
  • Best Honey Trader
  • Best Ice Trader
  • Best Dried Vegetables & Fruit Trader
  • Best Dates Trader
  • Best Ghee & Vegetable Oil Trader
  • Best Spices Trader
  • Best Canned & Preserved Food Trader
  • Best flavours & fragrances Trader
  • Best Tea Trader
  • Best Food Incredients Trader
  • Best Nuts Trader
  • Best Poultry Trader
  • Best Natural Herbs Trader
  • Best Flour Trader
  • Best Ice Cream Trader
  • Best Food & Beverages Trader
  • Best Soft Drinks & Carbonated Water Trader
  • Best Bottled Water Trader
  • Best Foodstuff Supply Services Company
  • Best Animal fodder supplements trader
  • Best Refined Oil Trader
  • Best Compressed Natural Gas Trader
  • Best Crude Oil Abroad Trader
  • Best Offshore Refined Oil Trader
  • Best Diesel Fuel Trader
  • Best Gas Station
  • Best Gas Cylinder Trader
  • Best Oil & Gas Civil Structural Works Contractors
  • Best District Cooling Plants Contractors
  • Best Oil & Gas Mechanical works Contractors
  • Best Oil & Gas Electrical Works Contractors
  • Best Oil & Gas Instrumentation & Controls Contractors
  • Best Central Gas Distribution Networks Contractors
  • Best Lubricants & Grease Traders
  • Best Petrol Station Equipment Traders
  • Best Oilfield & Natural Gas Equipment & Spare Parts Traders
  • Best Natural Extraction Machinery & Equipment Traders
  • Best Handling, Loading & Lifting Equipment Traders
  • Best Oil Drilling Rigs & Equipment Traders
  • Best Domestic Gas Distribution Company
  • Best Central Gas Tanks Filling Company
  • Best Type Writers, Photocopiers & Spare Parts Traders
  • Best Computers & Accessories Traders
  • Best Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Trader
  • Best Software Traders
  • Best Computer & Data Processing Requisites Traders
  • Best Computer Electric Accessories Traders
  • Best Telephones & Telecommunications Equipment Traders
  • Best Wireless Equipment & Instruments Traders
  • Best Mobile Phones & Accessories Traders
  • Best Robotics & Smart Machines Traders
  • Best Telecommunications Equipment Traders
  • Best Satellite Receiving Equipment Traders
  • Best Audio-Visual, Recording Equipment & Accessories Traders
  • Best Radio, T.V. Stations, Cinema & Theatre Equipment Traders
  • Best Electric Vehicles Charging Stations & Systems & Spare Parts Traders
  • Best Printing Equipment & Instruments Traders
  • Best Textile Traders
  • Best Tents , Sheds & Tarpaulins Trader
  • Best Sewing & Embroidery Requisites Trader
  • Best Blankets , Towels & Linens Trader
  • Best Flags & flagpoles Trader
  • Best Threads & Yarns Trader
  • Best Cotton & Natural Fibers Trader
  • Best Men's Garment Trader
  • Best Ladies' Garments Trader
  • Best Babywear Trader
  • Best Men Underwears Trader
  • Best Arabwear Trader
  • Best Garments Accessories Trader
  • Best Sports Wear Trader
  • Best Protective Garments & Vests Trader
  • Best Uniforms Trader
  • Best Imitation Jewellery Trader
  • Best Women Underwears Trader
  • Best Military cloth ware & requisites Trader
  • Best Readymade Garments Trader
  • Best Handbags & Leather Products Trader
  • Best Suitcases & Travel Requisites Trader
  • Best Slippers & Sandals Trader
  • Best Shoe Trader
  • Best General Trading Company
  • Best Trading Company - Oil Industry
  • Best Trading Company - Energy Industry
  • Best Trading Company - Chemical Industry
  • Best Trading Company - Real Estate Industry
  • Best Trading Company - Construction Industry
  • Best Trading Company - Mechanical Products
  • Best Trading Company
  • Best Trading Company - Customer service
  • Best Trading Company - Excellence
  • Best Trading Company - Value for Money
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