Egypt Business Awards

Stand out in Egypt's competitive business landscape. Nominate for Egypt Business Awards and get the recognition you deserve. Start your business journey and celebrate excellence in the industry! Don't wait, seize the chance and nominate now and make difference!

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Previous Year Gala Ceremony Photos

here are few of the gala ceremony photos organised by Golden Tree Awards team

Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 3 levels such as City, Country, Regional level based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Cities Participating from Egypt Business Awards

  • Cairo
  • Alexandria
  • Giza
  • Ismailia
  • Port Said
  • Luxor
  • Suhaj
  • Al Mansurah
  • Suez
  • Damanhur
  • Al Minya
  • Bani Suwayf
  • Asyut
  • Tanta
  • Al Fayyum
  • Aswan
  • Kawm Umbu
  • Qina
  • Damietta
  • Az Zaqaziq
  • Mallawi
  • Rosetta
  • Shibin al Kawm
  • Al `Arish
  • Banha
  • Al Ghardaqah
  • Samalut
  • Kafr ash Shaykh
  • Jirja
  • Marsa Matruh
  • Al Kharijah
  • At Tur
  • Isna
  • Bani Mazar
  • Safaja
  • Siwah
  • Ad Dab`ah
  • Al `Alamayn
  • As Sallum
  • Qasr al Farafirah
  • Al Qasr
  • Barnis


Best of Best Awards offers an opportunity to the companies from 20+ industries across the globe. Following are a few of the industries participating in the Business Award program.
Agriculture / Farming

Egypt Agriculture / Farming Awards


Egypt Automobile Awards

Aviation / Cruises / Yachts

Egypt Aviation / Cruises / Yachts Awards

Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa

Egypt Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa Awards

Ecommerce / Online Portals

Egypt Ecommerce / Online Portals Awards


Egypt Education Awards

Electronics & Telecommunications

Egypt Electronics & Telecommunications Awards

Entertainment & Sports

Egypt Entertainment & Sports Awards

Finance / Investment / Wealth Management

Egypt Finance / Investment / Wealth Management Awards

Fitness & Health

Egypt Fitness & Health Awards

Fragrance / Perfumes

Egypt Fragrance / Perfumes Awards

Govt Organisations

Egypt Govt Organisations Awards

Health Care

Egypt Health Care Awards

Hotels & Resorts

Egypt Hotels & Resorts Awards

Logistics & Transportation

Egypt Logistics & Transportation Awards

Manufacturing / Industries

Egypt Manufacturing / Industries Awards

Marketing & Advertising

Egypt Marketing & Advertising Awards

Professional Service / Consulting Company

Egypt Professional Service / Consulting Company Awards

Real Estate / Construction

Egypt Real Estate / Construction Awards

Restaurant / F & B

Egypt Restaurant / F & B Awards

Retail / Stores

Egypt Retail / Stores Awards

Startup All Industries

Egypt Startup All Industries Awards

Technology & Software

Egypt Technology & Software Awards

Traders (All materials)

Egypt Traders (All materials) Awards

Travel / Tourism / Attractions

Egypt Travel / Tourism / Attractions Awards

Top Recommended companies in Egypt Business Awards

Company Name City Country Industry Ratings
Elnooronline Alexandria Egypt Technology & Software
FTS Travel Cairo Egypt Travel / Tourism / Attractions
Fibers Cairo Egypt Spa & Wellness
OYO 103 Hotel Golden Oasis As Sallum Egypt Hotels & Resorts
DOJA Real Estate Cairo Egypt Real Estate / Construction
Alex Web Design Alexandria Egypt Technology & Software
Mai Adam Alexandria Egypt Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa
Catalina Beach Club Ad Dab`ah Egypt Lifestyle Industry
Flyin Travel Cairo Egypt Travel / Tourism / Attractions
Le Pacha 1901 Giza Egypt Restaurant / F & B
Toi Giza Egypt Salon
Emaar Misr Sales Center Giza Egypt Construction / Contractors
Icon Creations Giza Egypt Marketing & Advertising
Toi Cairo Egypt Salon
Seekh Mashwy Restaurant - سيخ مشوي Giza Egypt Restaurant / F & B
Samir William Cairo Egypt Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa
eMarketing Egypt Giza Egypt Marketing & Advertising
Hyde Park New Cairo Cairo Egypt Construction / Contractors
Helnan Auberge Fayoum Al Fayyum Egypt Lifestyle Industry
Johny International Hotel As Sallum Egypt Hotels & Resorts