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Best of Best Awards offers an opportunity to the companies from 20+ industries across the globe. Following are a few of the industries participating in the Business Award program.
Agriculture / Farming

Africa Agriculture / Farming Awards


Africa Automobile Awards

Aviation / Cruises / Yachts

Africa Aviation / Cruises / Yachts Awards

Cosmetics & Beauty

Africa Cosmetics & Beauty Awards

Ecommerce / Online Portals

Africa Ecommerce / Online Portals Awards


Africa Education Awards

Electronics & Telecommunications

Africa Electronics & Telecommunications Awards

Entertainment & Sports

Africa Entertainment & Sports Awards

Finance / Investment / Wealth Management

Africa Finance / Investment / Wealth Management Awards

Fitness & Health

Africa Fitness & Health Awards

Food & Beverages

Africa Food & Beverages Awards

Fragrance / Perfumes

Africa Fragrance / Perfumes Awards

Govt Organisations

Africa Govt Organisations Awards

Health Care

Africa Health Care Awards

Hotels & Resorts

Africa Hotels & Resorts Awards

Logistics & Transportation

Africa Logistics & Transportation Awards

Manufacturing / Industries

Africa Manufacturing / Industries Awards

Marketing & Advertising

Africa Marketing & Advertising Awards

Professional Service / Consulting Company

Africa Professional Service / Consulting Company Awards

Real Estate / Construction

Africa Real Estate / Construction Awards

Retail / Stores

Africa Retail / Stores Awards


Africa Salon Awards

Spa & Wellness

Africa Spa & Wellness Awards

Startup All Industries

Africa Startup All Industries Awards

Technology & Software

Africa Technology & Software Awards

Traders (All materials)

Africa Traders (All materials) Awards

Travel / Tourism / Attractions

Africa Travel / Tourism / Attractions Awards

Africa Best of Best Awards: Recognizing and Inspiring African Excellence

Welcome to the exciting world of the Africa Best of Best Awards! Are you ready to discover the top-notch destinations, experiences, and talents that make Africa truly exceptional? Look no further, as this blog post unveils the best of the best in Africa, showcasing the finest gems this continent has to offer. From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant cultures, from outstanding wildlife encounters to remarkable achievements in various industries, get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary wonders that Africa has in store. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the excellence and magnificence that define Africa's very essence. Let's dive in!

What are the Africa Best of Best Awards?

The Africa Best of Best Awards is a highly esteemed recognition program that aims to celebrate excellence in African achievements. It serves as a platform for honoring the remarkable talent and innovation that exists across the African continent.

Recognizing excellence in African achievements

The Africa Best of Best Awards is dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting outstanding accomplishments in various fields within Africa. From business and entrepreneurship to arts and culture, these awards create a stage where exceptional individuals and organizations can be duly acknowledged for their exceptional contributions.

These awards go beyond mere recognition; they inspire and motivate individuals and entities to continuously strive for excellence, setting new benchmarks for success within their respective industries. By shining a spotlight on exemplary African achievements, the Africa Best of Best Awards play a crucial role in fostering a culture of excellence and promoting positive change.

A platform for celebrating African talent and innovation

The Africa Best of Best Awards serves as an important platform for celebrating the immense talent and innovative spirit prevalent throughout the African continent. It provides a stage for individuals, businesses, and organizations to showcase their unique ideas, products, services, and initiatives that are driving progress and making a positive impact in Africa and beyond.

By highlighting success stories and innovative endeavors, the Africa Best of Best Awards not only celebrates African achievement but also inspires others to unleash their creative potential and pursue their aspirations fearlessly. This platform acts as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and encouraging others to push boundaries and contribute to the collective growth and development of Africa.

In conclusion, the Africa Best of Best Awards is an esteemed recognition program that plays a vital role in recognizing excellence, promoting innovation, and celebrating the diverse talent present in Africa. By honoring exceptional achievements, it encourages individuals and organizations to continue striving for greatness and contribute to the advancement of the continent as a whole.

Previous Year Gala Ceremony Photos

here are few of the gala ceremony photos organised by Golden Tree Awards team

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Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 3 levels such as City, Country, Regional level based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Selection Process and Criteria

When it comes to recognizing the best of the best in Africa, the Africa Best of Best Awards takes its selection process and criteria very seriously. With a rigorous evaluation conducted by an expert panel, these awards aim to honor those who have made exceptional contributions in various fields across the continent.

Rigorous Evaluation by Expert Panel

The selection process of the Africa Best of Best Awards involves a meticulous evaluation carried out by a panel of experts. These individuals possess extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields, ensuring a thorough and unbiased assessment. Their expertise allows them to identify excellence and recognize the remarkable achievements of individuals, organizations, and initiatives.

The expert panel reviews and analyzes the nominees, examining their work, accomplishments, and impact within the African context. The evaluation process takes into account various factors, including innovation, influence, sustainability, and the overall significance of their contributions. This rigorous evaluation guarantees that only the most deserving candidates receive recognition.

Judging Based on Innovation, Impact, and Sustainability

Innovation is a key criterion considered during the judging process of the Africa Best of Best Awards. The judges assess how nominees have brought fresh ideas, creativity, and originality to their respective fields. They look for groundbreaking solutions, groundbreaking projects, and groundbreaking initiatives that have the potential to drive positive change and shape the future of Africa.

Impact is another crucial aspect taken into consideration. The judges evaluate how the nominees' work has made a tangible difference and contributed positively to the lives of people in Africa. They consider the scale of the impact, whether it's at a local, regional, or continental level, and the transformative effect it has had on communities, industries, or society as a whole.

Sustainability is also a vital factor in the selection process. The judges examine whether the nominees' achievements are not only impactful in the present but also have the potential to create lasting change. They look for initiatives that are environmentally conscious, economically viable, and socially equitable, ensuring a sustainable future for Africa.

In conclusion, the Africa Best of Best Awards follow a stringent selection process and criteria to identify and honor the outstanding contributors across Africa. With a diligent evaluation by an expert panel and a focus on innovation, impact, and sustainability, these awards celebrate the best of Africa and inspire others to aim for greatness.


Few of Our Nominees - 2023

Soho VIP
Jabulani Safari Lodge
Olarro Kenya
Southern Africa 360
Victoriasid Travels & Tours
Amani Luxury Apartments
Forest Travels,limitada
Tembo Steels U Ltd
XL Novo Mundo Travel
Oribi Expeditions Limited
remax northland
Tanzania Investment and Consultant Group Ltd-TICGL
Uniserv Education
KJE Logistics

Top Recommended companies in Africa Awards

Company Name City Country Industry Ratings
STANBIC Kampala Uganda Finance / Investment / Wealth Management
Nominate Now
Love Mauritius Mauritius Aviation / Cruises / Yachts
Nominate Now
SMD Consulting Associates Nairobi Kenya Professional Service / Consulting Company
Nominate Now
Icon Creations Giza Egypt Marketing & Advertising
Nominate Now
Taylor Smith Group Port Louis Mauritius Logistics & Transportation
Nominate Now
Hotel Le Rocher Mamoudzou Mayotte Hotels & Resorts
Nominate Now
DAR AL-HANDASAH CONSULTANTS Nairobi Kenya Professional Service / Consulting Company
Nominate Now
MyDalali - Professional Real Estate Agents in Tanzania Zanzibar Tanzania Real Estate / Construction
Nominate Now
Hampton Inn Lake Charles Zinder Niger Lifestyle Industry
Nominate Now
Riad Soumaya Marrakech Morocco Lifestyle Industry
Nominate Now
Windhoek Capricorn Guesthouse & Conference Center Windhoek Namibia Hotels & Resorts
Nominate Now
Shamal Travels Ltd Port Louis Mauritius Travel / Tourism / Attractions
Nominate Now
Lakeside Estate Accra Ghana Construction / Contractors
Nominate Now
ESPACE BEAUTE Port Louis Mauritius Salon
Nominate Now
Global Air Charters (K) Ltd Kenya Aviation / Cruises / Yachts
Nominate Now
Hotel Florenca Luanda Angola Hotels & Resorts
Nominate Now
Global Village Guesthouse Nelspruit South Africa Lifestyle Industry
Nominate Now
Dar el Marsa Manouba Tunisia Lifestyle Industry
Nominate Now
Hwan Sung Industries Limited Kampala Uganda Retail / Stores
Nominate Now
Likhal Group of Companies Kingston Jamaica Logistics & Transportation
Nominate Now

Impact and Significance

Africa Best of Best Awards is not just a celebration of excellence, but a platform that has a profound impact and significance in the continent. Through this prestigious event, talent development and recognition are encouraged, inspiring future generations of African achievers. Let's delve into the two major aspects that make the Africa Best of Best Awards an unparalleled catalyst for growth and inspiration.

Encouraging Talent Development and Recognition in Africa

The Africa Best of Best Awards plays a pivotal role in nurturing and fostering talent across various industries in Africa. By providing a platform for individuals and organizations to showcase their exceptional skills and achievements, the awards create opportunities for recognition and growth.

Through the nomination and selection process, the awards shed light on talented individuals and innovative projects that may have gone unnoticed. This exposure not only validates their efforts but also opens doors for collaboration, partnerships, and further career opportunities. It encourages individuals to strive for excellence, knowing that their hard work will be acknowledged and appreciated.

Moreover, the Africa Best of Best Awards goes the extra mile by offering mentorship and support programs to winners, helping them enhance their skills and reach even greater heights. By investing in talent development, the awards contribute to the overall growth and advancement of industries in Africa, ensuring a bright future for the continent.

Inspiring Future Generations of African Achievers

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Africa Best of Best Awards is its power to inspire and empower future generations of African achievers. By showcasing the remarkable achievements and success stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds, the awards provide young Africans with role models they can aspire to.

These stories of triumph and perseverance act as a beacon of hope, showing young Africans that no dream is too big and no obstacle too daunting. The awards instill a sense of belief and determination in the hearts of aspiring individuals, encouraging them to pursue their passions and make a positive impact on society.

Furthermore, the Africa Best of Best Awards actively engages with educational institutions, organizing workshops and seminars that motivate and educate students about the possibilities and opportunities available to them. By creating a culture of excellence and ambition, the awards aim to uplift and transform the mindset of young Africans, enabling them to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

In conclusion, the Africa Best of Best Awards goes beyond being just an accolade ceremony. It is a catalyst for talent development, recognition, and inspiration in Africa. By encouraging individuals to strive for excellence and inspiring future generations, the awards contribute to a brighter and more prosperous future for the continent.

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