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Best of Best Awards offers an opportunity to the companies from 20+ industries across the globe. Following are a few of the industries participating in the Business Award program.
Agriculture / Farming

UK Agriculture / Farming Awards


UK Automobile Awards

Aviation / Cruises / Yachts

UK Aviation / Cruises / Yachts Awards

Cosmetics & Beauty

UK Cosmetics & Beauty Awards

Ecommerce / Online Portals

UK Ecommerce / Online Portals Awards


UK Education Awards

Electronics & Telecommunications

UK Electronics & Telecommunications Awards

Entertainment & Sports

UK Entertainment & Sports Awards

Finance / Investment / Wealth Management

UK Finance / Investment / Wealth Management Awards

Fitness & Health

UK Fitness & Health Awards

Food & Beverages

UK Food & Beverages Awards

Fragrance / Perfumes

UK Fragrance / Perfumes Awards

Govt Organisations

UK Govt Organisations Awards

Health Care

UK Health Care Awards

Hotels & Resorts

UK Hotels & Resorts Awards

Logistics & Transportation

UK Logistics & Transportation Awards

Manufacturing / Industries

UK Manufacturing / Industries Awards

Marketing & Advertising

UK Marketing & Advertising Awards

Professional Service / Consulting Company

UK Professional Service / Consulting Company Awards

Real Estate / Construction

UK Real Estate / Construction Awards

Retail / Stores

UK Retail / Stores Awards


UK Salon Awards

Spa & Wellness

UK Spa & Wellness Awards

Startup All Industries

UK Startup All Industries Awards

Technology & Software

UK Technology & Software Awards

Traders (All materials)

UK Traders (All materials) Awards

Travel / Tourism / Attractions

UK Travel / Tourism / Attractions Awards

Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 4 levels such as Gold Winner, Diamond Winner, Platinum Winner, Titanium Winner based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Gold Level : 60 to 70 Points

Diamond Level : 71 to 80 Points

Platinum Level : 81 to 90 Points

Titanium Level : above 91 Points

UK Business and Service Excellence Awards

UK Business and Service Excellence Awards are the biggest celebratory ceremonies on earth. These occasions celebrate your diversity, competencies and sustainability in your line of commerce. When you receive the award, you showcase your escalations as a genuine service provider. With the success you achieve here, you are capable of going over new boundaries through the pit of the box methods that you have applied at work. 


The business world is more like a community these days and UK Service Excellence Awards give you a better platform to present your specialties. British Business Excellence Awards will optimise your business so that you can adapt to turbulent situations and embrace new opportunities. 


Let us grab this opportunity to delve into the upmarket amenities that you can probably make sense of.  


UK Business Awards Overview

UK Business Awards honour the authenticity and unique value of your business establishments. These awards are the most accessible and different means to bring in a positive change in your arena of business. National and multinational business entities operating in the UK would definitely find a pretext to notch up their presence and business excellence. You don't merely win the Awards in the UK but you set examples as visionary entrepreneurs.These awards could be a great shot that you have been waiting to take all your life. 


If you happen to own an intriguing business establishment in the heart of the UK, you are eligible for a nomination. These awards are catered to a series of industries at a stretch. You can choose to go for a nomination provided you feel that you can show up with a good turnover every year and you validate your passion, ability and strong potential through your line of work. 

Best of Best Awards in UK

Various business founders, CEOs and reputed entrepreneurs believe that Best of Best Awards in the UK is all about sharing a positive vibe with your target demographics. You should weigh up these celebratory rewards as winning accolades for your hard work. Your business organisation and your profile should attract industry wise development in a quick span. As the reputation of your profile is strong, you will emerge more ingenious and dynamic. 

Getting an award would come to you as an easy proposition once you have a strong grasp on the voting system and also other aspects of participating in these magnanimous functions. Surely, you will score great dividends in the shape of the winner's benefits. You can be an equitable part of industries such as real estate, beauty and wellness, healthcare, spa segment, infrastructure companies, construction, marketing etc. These awards would have you put together an invasive canvassing for your brand.  

Service Excellence Awards in UK

The grand finale of service excellence awards will bring your brand in the close proximity of the finest dignitaries of the business world. It's a one of a kind award ceremony that could lead to opportunities in the shape of sponsorship as well as business collaborations. As you step up the platform to grab the prize, you can plump for a host of fantastic opportunities to create value-driven networks with high net worth clientele. 

With the ample service excellence awards, you embrace a whopping stature in your business domain and have newfangled territories to penetrate. 

England Business Awards

England Business Awards stand in the testimony of the success you have achieved in your field and the integrity you have shown in your organisation. With the receipt of the award, you can amp up your reputation in the global spectrum and aim for a remarkable promotion all over the globe. England Business Awards should be hailed to those individuals as well as commercial entities who have made great achievements in the midst of tough times. These awards not only are an appreciation for your overall yearly turnover but they happen to commemorate the enriched contributions that you have brought in your field.

As a worthy competitor of the event, you showcase that you own a great business establishment. You also justify the fact that you perceive the market where you compete.  Besides, your business enterprise should create job avenues and employment options for the members of the present-day society. 

Scotland Business Awards

Scotland Business Awards are one of the highest business awards in the world. These awards are proof of the fact that you stand the ground with authenticity of service and enhanced morale. Scotland Business Awards will impact your business in a super productive way. When you share the stage with other compatriots from diverse geographic ethnicities, you prove your value. You take the leverage and stand as a winner who would do the needful to ensure a positive outcome for the entire society. 

So, if you think that you have orchestrated some incredible achievements in your domain, you should have a thought to get your business registered with us at our official website. We would love to champion your cause and boost your morale in the midst of global competitiveness. 

Ireland Business Awards

If you are operating your business in Ireland with efficiency, commercial flourish or development and customer satisfaction, you can get your business nominated for the Ireland Business Awards. Ireland Business Awards could be the most authentic accolades for your Irish business brands. You might have your fingers dipped in one particular sector or in multiple sectors. These awards would apply to you based on your industry wise contribution, determination and widespread recognition. As a recipient, you cement an intriguing opportunity to turn your brand into a national as well as international sensation. Moreover, you also get a standard chance to show that you happen to be committed to sustainable development and Irish provenance. 

So, what are you waiting for? You should be a part of the celebration. Take your chance at the Ireland Business Awards and envision superior networking opportunities and in-depth knowledge transfer processes.

Benefits for the participants

These are streamlined management awards, based on the quality and excellence of your business.  Your business enterprise should rise to new eminence for sure and you will celebrate a more glorified position among your business communities and probable market segments. With the help of all the accolades and experience that you hatch up here, you will be able to diversify your business presence and adapt techniques that would set you apart from your peers. 

Accessibility would be a top advantage for any participating entity in these British Business Awards. You can check out the portal and get yourself registered with no possible hindrances at all. The award ceremony will let you step up to potential recognition on a global scale and help you scale up your revenue generation tactics. You can get international acclaim for an established company. As a matter of fact, you put forward an impression as a sound business organisation that believes in measurable tactics.

Social marketing should be deemed as a valued attribute and benefit that you can get out of the Awards in the UK. As a nominee, you can use the global stage for branding opportunities and enhanced media exposure. You will have the chance to have conferred on the most precise advertising avenues to propagate the glory of your company.

By now, it should be crystal clear to you that UK business awards will have room for cooperative extensions and undisturbed business expansion for both small-scale and large business enterprises. Whether you might be an independent business owner or hold a joint venture proprietorship, you should have maximum measurable benefits through the global platform. So, do not waste a single moment in idle pursuit. UK Business Awards could be the leeway which you can use to get diversified growth opportunities.  Use the actionable insights that you can get out of the UK Service Excellence Awards. Make it a goal to use this leverage to your best benefits. 

Gala Ceremony

2022 Gala Ceremony Photos


Few of Our Nominees - 2023

Kamala Healthcare & Wellness
Massage Marin/Healing People
Berd's MGallery Hotel
KS Group d.o.o. (
İlknur Makeup By İlknur Şahan
Talents Nest
Fluor design e comunicação, lda
TOURED-Europe DMC & Events Travel
MTH Digital
ZIP Design

Cities Participating from UK Business Awards

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Glasgow
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Caerdydd
  • Nottingham
  • Liverpool
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Brighton
  • Bradford
  • Leicester
  • Sunderland
  • Belfast
  • Portsmouth
  • Bournemouth
  • Middlesbrough
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Coventry
  • Southampton
  • Reading
  • Kingston upon Hull
  • Abertawe
  • Blackpool
  • Plymouth
  • Luton
  • Oxford
  • Norwich
  • Aberdeen
  • York
  • Dundee
  • Ipswich
  • Peterborough
  • Cambridge
  • Exeter
  • Bath
  • Chester
  • Derry
  • Greenock
  • Carlisle
  • Scarborough
  • Ayr
  • Inverness
  • Perth
  • Dover
  • Dumfries

Top Recommended companies in UK Awards

Company Name City Country Industry Ratings
Financial Support Systems Ltd. Manchester United Kingdom Finance / Investment / Wealth Management
Nominate Now
ISO Quality Services Limited Worcester United Kingdom Professional Service / Consulting Company
Nominate Now
Acumen Mortgages Manchester United Kingdom Real Estate / Construction
Nominate Now
Your Driving Academy Leicester United Kingdom Education
Nominate Now
Chimney House Hotel Sandbach United Kingdom Hotels & Resorts
Nominate Now
Hosting Yorkshire York United Kingdom Marketing & Advertising
Nominate Now
American Express Travel Services Manchester United Kingdom Travel / Tourism / Attractions
Nominate Now
Hosting Yorkshire York United Kingdom Startup All Industries
Nominate Now
Xchange Business Edinburgh United Kingdom Finance / Investment / Wealth Management
Nominate Now
Express Delivery Leicester United Kingdom Logistics & Transportation
Nominate Now
Bellissima Exclusive Leeds United Kingdom Cosmetics & Beauty
Nominate Now
Henry Adams Lettings Brighton United Kingdom Real Estate / Construction
Nominate Now
Bella Spa (Nails & Beauty Manchester) Manchester United Kingdom Salon
Nominate Now
Nirvana Health Spa Southport United Kingdom Spa & Wellness
Nominate Now
Nirvana Spa London United Kingdom Spa & Wellness
Nominate Now
Evolvenet Birmingham United Kingdom Technology & Software
Nominate Now
FedEx Station Sheffield United Kingdom Logistics & Transportation
Nominate Now
Tees Removals Nottingham United Kingdom Retail / Stores
Nominate Now
Warwick Conferences Scarman Coventry United Kingdom Lifestyle Industry
Nominate Now
Henry Adams Lettings London United Kingdom Real Estate / Construction
Nominate Now
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