Iceland Business Awards

It's time to recognize the movers and shakers of the Icelandic business world! Nominate outstanding companies for the Iceland Business Awards and be a part of honoring their remarkable accomplishments. Join us in recognizing outstanding achievements and celebrate excellence in Icelandic business!

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Iceland Business Awards
Do you want your company to make a good impression on a global stage? Do you have the best products and services in the industry? If yes, you can register your business for the prestigious Iceland Business Awards. The awards in Iceland help to expose your local company to the world.
Why is the Iceland Business Awards important?
The Iceland Business Awards is a credible event that exposes deserving businesses worldwide. This, in turn, exposes the companies to such benefits as worldwide promotion. In addition, all exposed businesses get worldwide recognition; after the global recognition comes increased growth in clientele.
Iceland Awards for innovation in business
This is an elaborate business award dealing with businesses from Iceland that have demonstrated substantial business innovation. The companies should be from sectors like Mining, Shipping, Real Estate, Transportation, IT, Luxury, etc. A panel of industry experts forms the jury. This jury decides the winners in each category through in-depth scrutiny and a voting session. All winners are presented with award plaques, trophies, badges, medals, and many more.
Get your business registered now!
This is a deal of a lifetime, as you need to enter your business into this event. Nomination is free, and all entries have to be from Iceland. Since registration is currently on, it is valid for companies to enter the event now as it closes very soon!

Previous Year Gala Ceremony Photos

here are few of the gala ceremony photos organised by Golden Tree Awards team

Winning Levels

At the Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 3 levels such as City, Country, Regional level based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Cities Participating from Iceland Business Awards

  • Reykjavik
  • Akureyri
  • Keflavik
  • Selfoss
  • Sauðárkrókur
  • Isafjordhur
  • Egilsstadhir
  • Borgarnes
  • Hofn


Best of Best Awards offers an opportunity to the companies from 20+ industries across the globe. Following are a few of the industries participating in the Business Award program.
Agriculture / Farming

Iceland Agriculture / Farming Awards


Iceland Automobile Awards

Aviation / Cruises / Yachts

Iceland Aviation / Cruises / Yachts Awards

Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa

Iceland Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa Awards

Ecommerce / Online Portals

Iceland Ecommerce / Online Portals Awards


Iceland Education Awards

Electronics & Telecommunications

Iceland Electronics & Telecommunications Awards

Entertainment & Sports

Iceland Entertainment & Sports Awards

Finance / Investment / Wealth Management

Iceland Finance / Investment / Wealth Management Awards

Fitness & Health

Iceland Fitness & Health Awards

Fragrance / Perfumes

Iceland Fragrance / Perfumes Awards

Govt Organisations

Iceland Govt Organisations Awards

Health Care

Iceland Health Care Awards

Hotels & Resorts

Iceland Hotels & Resorts Awards

Logistics & Transportation

Iceland Logistics & Transportation Awards

Manufacturing / Industries

Iceland Manufacturing / Industries Awards

Marketing & Advertising

Iceland Marketing & Advertising Awards

Professional Service / Consulting Company

Iceland Professional Service / Consulting Company Awards

Real Estate / Construction

Iceland Real Estate / Construction Awards

Restaurant / F & B

Iceland Restaurant / F & B Awards

Retail / Stores

Iceland Retail / Stores Awards

Startup All Industries

Iceland Startup All Industries Awards

Technology & Software

Iceland Technology & Software Awards

Traders (All materials)

Iceland Traders (All materials) Awards

Travel / Tourism / Attractions

Iceland Travel / Tourism / Attractions Awards

Top Recommended companies in Iceland Business Awards

Company Name City Country Industry Ratings
Tækjaþjónustan ehf Reykjavik Iceland Logistics & Transportation
Iceland Travel Reykjavik Iceland Travel / Tourism / Attractions
101 Spa Reykjavik Iceland Salon
Apotek Restaurant Reykjavik Iceland Restaurant / F & B
Royal Beauty Reykjavik Iceland Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa
Glacierworld Hofn Iceland Lifestyle Industry
Deluxe Iceland Iceland Aviation / Cruises / Yachts
Bella Apartments&Rooms Selfoss Iceland Lifestyle Industry
Boreal travel ehf. Reykjavik Iceland Travel / Tourism / Attractions
Kolaportið Reykjavik Iceland Marketing & Advertising
Tölvutek Reykjavik Iceland Retail / Stores
Croisette Real Estate Partner Iceland Reykjavik Iceland Real Estate / Construction
The Tin Can Factory Reykjavik Iceland Education
Iceland Tours Iceland Aviation / Cruises / Yachts
101 Reykjavík fasteignasala Reykjavik Iceland Real Estate / Construction
Basic Markaðsstofa Reykjavik Iceland Startup All Industries
Snyrtistofan Dimmalimm Reykjavik Iceland Beauty / Cosmetics / Spa
Fossar Markets hf Reykjavik Iceland Finance / Investment / Wealth Management
Bónus Reykjavik Iceland Marketing & Advertising
Hotel Grimsborgir Selfoss Iceland Hotels & Resorts